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National Evaluation Series for Wisconsin

Foundations of Reading

What is the Foundations of Reading test?

The Foundations of Reading test assesses proficiency in and depth of understanding of the subject of reading and writing development. The test reflects scientifically based reading research and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

What's on the test?

The Foundations of Reading test includes:

  • 100 multiple-choice items, each of which assesses knowledge or skills related to one of three major areas of reading instruction named in the test's subareas (Foundations of Reading Development, Development of Reading Comprehension, and Reading Assessment and Instruction).
  • 2 open-response (i.e., essay) items that require examinees to apply their knowledge and understanding of content related to two or more of these areas.

Read the test framework links to a PDF document to learn the subject matter covered by the test.

Who needs to take the test?

Beginning on January 31, 2014, candidates in Wisconsin applying for an initial teaching license in grades Kindergarten through 5 or special education, or for a license as a reading teacher or reading specialist, as listed below, will be required to take and pass the Foundations of Reading test:

  • Early Childhood – Regular Education (70–777)
  • Early Childhood – Special Education (70–809)
  • Early Childhood – Middle Childhood (71–777)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence (72–777)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Cross Categorical (72–801)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Specific Learning Disabilities (72–811)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (72–830)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Cognitive Disabilities (72–810)
  • Early Adolescence – Adolescence Cross Categorical (73–801)
  • Early Adolescence – Adolescence Specific Learning Disabilities (73–811)
  • Early Adolescence – Adolescence Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (73–830)
  • Early Adolescence – Adolescence Cognitive Disabilities (73–810)
  • Early Childhood – Adolescence Visual Impairments (74–825)
  • Reading Teacher (316)
  • Reading Specialist (17)

This requirement is in addition to the current testing requirements as outlined on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Web site link opens in a new window.

How do I prepare for the test?

The following preparation materials are available on this Web site:

  • The test framework, which lists the subject matter covered by the test
  • A study guide, including sample questions and general test-taking strategies
  • A practice test and practice test appendix, including sample questions, rationales for correct responses, and scoring information

When can I register?

Registration opens on this Web site in April 2013.

How much does it cost?

Test fee $125
Registration fee $30
TOTAL $155

When and where can I take the test?

The test is offered on computer at test centers throughout Wisconsin and across the country. Testing is available year round, by appointment, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays).

When and how do I get my scores?

The passing score will be set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in spring/summer 2013. More information will be available on this Web site in spring 2013.

You will receive your scores as a PDF, which you may view, print, and save for your records.